Proverbs 26:

Daily Promises (September 26th)

The LORD upholdeth all that fall, and raiseth up all [those that be] bowed down. (Psalm 145:14)
Ever is the Lord faithful to strengthen those of His who are wounded and bolster His children who are weighed down. His might is become our might. His sovereignty lifts our head in troubling times. Look to Him for your rest and comfort and ever shall you find it! 

Focus point:   Sometimes our burdens seem more than we can bear, and we wonder how we can go on. David stands at this bleak intersection of life’s road and points toward the Lord, the great burden bearer. God is able to lift us up because (1) his greatness is unfathomable (Psalm 145:3) (2) he does mighty acts across many generations (145:4) (3) he is full of glorious splendor and majesty (145:5) (4) he does wonderful and awesome works (145:5,6) (5) he is righteous (145:7) (6) he is gracious,, compassionate, patient, and loving (145:8,9) (7) he rules over an everlasting kingdom (145:13) (8) he is our source of all our daily needs (145:15,16) (9) he is righteous and loving in all his dealings (145:17); (10) he remains near to those who call on him (145:18); (11) he hears our cry and saves us (145:19,20) . If you are bending under a burden and feel that you are about to fall, turn to God for help. He is ready to lift you up and bear your burden.

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